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Frequently asked questions

Q. Do I need to be retired to live and enjoy the lifestyle at Bethanie on the Park?
Yes, the retirement Village Act states that each person must be over 55 years old to live in the Village. You also need to be retired from full time employment or your partner needs to be retired from full time employment.
Q. What are the Lease agreement options?
We have two Lease agreements which are the Guaranteed Buy Back or Market Value and you will need to decide which option would suit your own circumstances at the time of purchasing.
Q. What happens if I have to leave the serviced apartment?
There will come a time when you may have to leave and this could be for two reasons either moving to other accommodation i.e. another apartment, house or to a residential aged care facility, or if you pass away. If you choose to terminate your lease and vacate permanently, or pass away, Bethanie will either buy back the apartment from you or place the apartment on the market for sale, whichever lease option you choose when you purchased. You will have costs associated with each option as per your lease agreement.
Q. Can I make changes to my apartment?
Any changes you wish to make to your apartment must be approved by Bethanie by submitting a request to the Village Manager.
Q. If I am not happy how would I complain?
We hope you would enjoy all aspects of living in the village but if you are unhappy then the Village Manager will be more than happy to listen and try to resolve your complaint. Bethanie abides by the complaint process set out in the Fair Trading (Retirement Villages Code) Regulations 2015 if you should need to take the matter further.
Q. Can I have a pet?
Bethanie on the Park is a pet friendly village but each pet does need to be approved by the Village Manager.
Q. What should I consider when deciding to move into an apartment?
Moving is a big decision and you should think about the costs associated with this i.e. purchase price of the apartment and the recurrent costs of living in the village and service fees. Also, if you require all the services that are offered, you will be responsible for these whether you use them or not.
Q. Will the fees go up each year?
Yes, unfortunately costs do rise and our service fee is indexed by CPI which will be effective 1st July each year.
Q. Can I have guests to stay?
We welcome guests to stay with you. If a guest were to stay longer than 2 weeks we would just ask you to inform the Village Manager. The maximum period a guest can continually stay is 4 weeks in any one year. Any longer stay would be at the discretion of the Village Manager.
Q. What happens if I am away from my apartment for an extended period?
We understand that you may be temporarily away from your apartment, maybe on holiday or in hospitals, so if you are away for more than 28 days your service will be reduced (this is known as the Partial Service Fee)
Q. How do I pay my fees?
Your fees are paid to Bethanie fortnightly by direct debit. Any additional services used in that timeframe will be added to your account and a bill sent to you prior to being debited.
Q. If I had a Home Care Package, could I use this to fund part of the costs of the apartment?
Customers who have approval for a commonwealth Home Care Package will be able to utilise part of that package to contribute towards the cost of the services if you choose to do so. The funding can be used to fund up to $210 per week of the service fee per Home Care Package.
Q. What additional services could I purchase?
You may choose to purchase extra services such as delivery of your meals to your apartment, meals for guests, additional cleaning or laundry of personal clothing. You could choose to purchase some of our assisted living technology such as additional pendant alarms, pressure, floor or door sensors and voice activated alarm. For your health requirements, you could choose to purchase a blood pressure, pulse oximetry, blood glucose or weight devices. You may choose a telephone land line with or without calls included or a Foxtel package. Personal care services or nursing care services will also be available at an additional cost.
Q. How often would my apartment get cleaned?
Your apartment will be cleaned every week on a set day to be arranged with our housekeeping services.
Q. What other costs would I be responsible for?
Each resident would be individually invoiced for their own electricity, water and telephone usage (there is no gas connection in the apartment). You would also need to insure your own personal belongings. Any other costs would be dependent on what additional services you chose to buy.
Q. What if my family or friends would like to have a meal with me in the dining room?
We welcome any guests you would like to invite to dine with you, but there would be an additional cost payable for this for each guest.
Q. Do I own the apartment as I would a house or strata tilted apartment?
It is very similar however rather than receiving a freehold title to the property, you purchase the apartment under a “Lease for Life” arrangement. This provides you the same exclusive rights as you would receive in a strata titled apartment building for up to 60 years.
Q. What services are included in the service fee?
At Bethanie on the Park you will have the luxury of services similar to a Hotel. MEALS - Continental breakfast is supplied to your apartment with delivery of these items occurring twice a week. - Nutritious lunch and dinner every day, freshly cooked on site and served in the dining room. - Table service by wait staff during a defined service time. - Tea / Coffee, glass of juice, soft drink, a beer or glass of wine served with each meal. LAUNDRY - Provision of linen including a flat and fitted sheet and 2 standard pillow cases. - Provision of towels including 2 bath towels, 2 hand towels, 2 face cloths and a bath mat. - Your laundry will be changed and laundered weekly. HOUSEKEEPING - Weekly cleaning of your apartment including vacuum, mopping and dusting. Cleaning of the kitchen and bathroom with a fortnightly shower clean. - Provision to have a 6-monthly spring clean. TECHNOLOGY - Each apartment will have an interactive tablet installed called the Bethanie Wellness Hub. This will give you access to entertainment services, ability to access health services and a social facility. - Each apartment will have a 65 inch Bethanie networked TV including free to air TV, NBN internet and WIFI connection with unlimited downloads. - An emergency duress monitored alarm system and pendant will be installed in the apartment and movement sensors will be in every apartment to give you peace of mind in case of an emergency.
Q. What are the advantages of living in Bethanie on The Park?
No stamp duty when you purchase. No ongoing building insurance, council and water corporation rates or land taxes bills to pay. On site Village Manager. All meals provided with continental breakfast delivered to your apartment twice a week and lunch and dinner served in the Dining room every day. Weekly cleaning of your apartment and laundering of sheets and towels which are all provided. Bethanie Wellness Hub - Interactive tablet in your apartment giving you access to Entertainment, Health and Social Services. Ability to lock and leave at any time knowing your apartment will be looked after and secure. All maintenance included – no cost for appliances, fixtures and fittings to be repaired. Likeminded neighbours and a sense of community. Sociable environment with a choice of activities and events. Pet friendly.
Q. What facilities do I have access to?
Bethanie on the Park has an elegant clubhouse with Dining room, lounge area, library, gym, hair salon and craft room. There is also an alfresco area with BBQ and pizza oven and a bowling green for you to enjoy.
Q. Is there secure parking?
Yes, each apartment has 1 undercover parking bay allocated to them. If you should require an additional bay then you are welcome to speak to other customers who may not be using their bay. Visitor parking bays are provided in many places across the site.
Q. How many serviced apartments are there in the building?
Bethanie on the Park has 48 serviced apartments over 3 levels.
Q. How do you know retirement living is for you?
Moving into retirement living might be a great option when the family home is holding you back from your ideal lifestyle. A health scare has you worried about your personal safety and security. Or maybe you feel isolated from family, friends and the community in which you live. A phrase we hear among Bethanie residents time and time again is “I wish we did this earlier.” The earlier you consider your options for retirement living the more options you will have. Our residents often tell us they were glad they made the move whilst they were still healthy and active, and the decision was still theirs to make. Retirement living allows you to downsize whilst living safely, independently and in the company of like-minded people. People who not only share similar interests but who will expose you to new experiences and opportunities. You can free yourself from daily chores like home and garden maintenance and really take advantage of your newly discovered freedom. Embrace your inner social butterfly, rock the ‘lock and leave’ lifestyle or get lost in a good book. It’s up to you. You can be as active, social or quiet as you like. Whatever lifestyle you choose, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your new community of neighbours and friends are looking out for you. Retirement Villages are just one example of retirement living.

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